Groups – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Surflight offer meal packages for groups?
A: Yes. We are partnering with some of the area’s finest restaurants to offer great pre‐ and post‐show dining. For printable menus, please visit our restaurant page. Meal reservation times are as follows:

  • Matinee + Lunch reservations are hosted from 11:00am-2pm depending on the distance from the theatre (prior to the 2:00 p.m. performance)
  • Matinee + Dinner reservations are made after 4:00pm (after the performance)
  • Evening Show + Dinner reservations are made after 4:00pm (prior to the 8:00 p.m. performance)

Q: Do I need to get entrée selections from my group before we go to the restaurant?
A: Yes. Please get entrée selections from each of your group members and provide the final count information to the Group Sales office no later than two weeks prior to your show date.

Q: Does our bus driver have to pay for the meal or the show?
A: We will try to accommodate your tour bus drivers as our guest in the theatre, provided seating is available. Restaurants DO NOT provide complimentary meals to drivers, however many group leaders build the cost of the driver’s meal into their group ticket pricing so it can be shared by the group.

Q: Can I bring more people than listed on my contract?
A: If you have more people interested than are listed on your contract, please call the Group Sales office immediately to ensure availability in the theatre and restaurant. Adjustments to contracts can happen no later than two weeks prior to show performance. Individuals who arrive with groups and ARE NOT part of the final group total must pay full price of ticket ($45) not group price.

Q: What if someone in my group cannot come the day of the show?
A: You may change the number of people in your group and your meal selections up to two weeks before the show. No refunds will be made after that time.

Q: Can I use any restaurant I choose?
A: Surflight Theatre’s partner restaurants are listed on our restaurant page. Please confirm your choice with the Group Sales office as it is necessary for us to make a reservation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about locations, menus and seasonal availability. Some restaurants are seasonal and are not available during non-summer months. 

Q: My group is coming by motor coach/bus. Where is the unloading area? Is there parking available?
A: Motor coaches should pull into the designated area next to the theatre facing west on the corner of Engleside Avenue near Beach Avenue. Free parking is available at the municipal Lot located on Engleside Avenue. In most cases, someone will be available to greet your party when you arrive. For individual parking click here.

Q: Can we make group reservations at any restaurants not listed?
A: The partner restaurants work with us to give you a special price for groups and dining. If you want to go to a restaurant that is not one of our partners you will have to make those arrangements on your own. The negotiated group rates at our partnering restaurants will NOT apply to any other restaurants.

Q: How does Surflight select the seats for our group for the performance we select?
A: We will strive to offer your group the best available seating in the center orchestra section at the time of reservation. Surflight Theatre reserves the right to assign seating that may cause groups to be split. Surflight Theatre is fully accessible to those with mobility challenges. At the time of your booking, please indicate any special seating requests for wheel chair patrons.

Q: When will tickets and meal selection cards be mailed to me?
A: As long as we receive final payment and meal selections two weeks prior to the performance, you can expect to receive your tickets and meal selection cards in the mail about a week before the show. If you prefer to pick these up at the box office, please notify the Group Sales office when making final payment.

Please Contact Group Sales at 609-492-9477, ext 210 or email groups@surflight.org