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Surflight Theatre Partners with The Music Man to Operate The Show Place Ice Cream Parlour

Aggie Roberts (The Music Man) is an alumni of Surflight Theatre where he spent many summers as a performer and then as an Associate Director. He then heard the call of ice cream and The Show Place from across the patio where he was asked to serve as General Manager. In 2003, Roberts and his wife Josephine co-founded The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe in Lavallette where it gained national recognition. They went on to add The Music Man Fudge Factory which has been a great success. Aggie and The Music Man Cast and Crew are thrilled to be in Beach Haven this summer to operate The Show Place Ice Cream Parlour and to help celebrate this landmark 65th Anniversary year at Surflight. "The Show Place and Surflight are more than an ice cream parlour and theatre," says Roberts, "it's happy memories and a Beach Haven treasure that I'm thrilled to be a part of again."

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Joseph P. Hayes, founder of the Surflight Theatre, concocted the original Show Place scheme in 1975 as a way of providing additional revenue and collaborated with his friend T. Scott Henderson, a local banker, to make the idea a reality. Coincidentally, the bakery on the corner of Centre Street and Beach Avenue had been converted into an ice cream establishment already, had most of the necessary equipment and was in an excellent location—a block away from Surflight Theatre.

Joe imagined a family-oriented food establishment reminiscent of a turn of the century restaurant, complete with handsome soda jerks in red and white striped vests—a pattern that would match the wallpaper. Show Place would not only be visually attractive and appealing to tourists, but also employ a unique cast of entertaining servers. A meal at Show Place would be fun and funny. Servers had a routine of music and gimmicks that would coincide with items ordered from the "Show Biz" menu—a tradition that remains today.





Announcing Partnership of The Show Place & The Music Man
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